How can I get ECTS credits for the courses?

You can apply for an academic transcript with recorded ECTS credits (free of charge) for completed Elements of AI courses (Global, Finnish and Swedish versions only) through the University of Helsinki Open University.

  1. Log into your MOOC account
  2. Click the REGISTER COMPLETION button.
  3. In the step “Enrolment for open university” choose option “Enrolment without account”
  1. Fill in the Open University (University of Helsinki) enrollment form. Be sure to enter the email address that you have used to complete the course in the enrolment form field 'Your email address on the MOOC course'.
  2. The credits will be registered in the University of Helsinki’s study register within a few days of enrolment.

You can request a transcript of studies from the Student Services by sending an email to The digitally verified transcript will be sent to you by email. When ordering an official transcript remember to mention

  • your full name
  • your date of birth
  • name of the course
  • language of the transcript (English, Finnish, Swedish)

Available study credits
Introduction to AI: 2 ECTS
Building AI: 1 ECTS (with Intermediate honors) OR 2 ECTS (with Advanced honors). Please note that the total amount of credits available for this course is 2.

To see partner universities ECTS credits management, please see instructions in our community.
If you want to apply for credits at your own university, here are the course descriptions for Introduction to AI and Building AI.

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