I have passed an Elements of AI course, where is my certificate?

Introduction to AI:

In case we have been able to process and confirm all your answers, your certificate will be available at the top of the My profile page. Note that the certificate is available only in digital form and in the language you have taken the course.

Check that you have given enough peer feedback on each of the peer evaluated exercises (4, 15, 23, 24, 25) - this is the most common reason for not getting the certificate.

After that, it will take a while before your answers receive enough reviews from other students. In case some of your answers have been reported as spam (or have gotten very low scores), we'll check them manually.

The peer review process may take some time, especially if we need to review some of the answers manually.

Please ask the online community for further information.

Building AI:

The course content is free of charge, but you can reward yourself by purchasing a shareable certificate on your profile page. You can purchase the certificate at any time, and it will be available at the top of the profile page once you have completed the course. In order to receive the certificate, you need to both purchase the certificate and complete the course. The price of the certificate is 50 € (including VAT if applicable).

You can upgrade the certificate without an extra cost. If you complete the course for example on the Beginner level and do the Intermediate exercises later on, simply click the Download certificate button in your profile to see the upgrade.

See the completion requirements for both courses

Can't find the answer? Send a private message in the online community or contact us by email: support@elementsofai.zendesk.com.

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